Martin Sacher – CEO

SCcyber E-Learning Community

B.S.S.P.E.; B.Ed ; Ed.Admin ; M.Ed

Martin Sacher is the administrator and CEO for the Sunchild E-learning Community. His duties involve all operational aspects of the program related to finances, developing and managing technology programs and the educational innovation inherent in the Sunchild Elearning Community.

Mr. Sacher has been active in the field of education for over 30 years. 19 of these years have been as a high school principal in large urban public high schools. The last 12 years have seen Martin act as the school principal for the Sunchild First Nation and SunchildElearning Community School.

Mr. Sacher used his expertise in technology to complete his masters’ degree, which specialized in the implementation of technology into applicable teaching strategies.

It was here at Sunchild that Martin developed and implemented the successful Sunchild E-learning model now being sought after and supported by varying educational institutions and major industrial corporations and international governments.

Martin is a proven successful educator and administrator who has proven experience in First Nations Education programming and the implementation of programs into Fist Nation, Inuit and Metis communities.

Over the years Martin has been sought after as a national and international speaker in the areas of educational technology and Aboriginal education.

The Sunchild program has received many awards over the years some of which include:

  • Global Best Award (IPN – International Partnership Network)
  • National Award for Community Education       
  • Time Magazine “Innovation in Education: Bringing energy and excitement to education”
  • Oxford/Cambridge university – 40 top educational programs in the world
  • Finalist Alberta chamber of Commerce – Business awards

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