About SCcyber E-Learning Institute

SCcyber E-Learning Community

Since the Institute is funded by Alberta Education, please click here to view pertinent policies and board information regarding this school.

  • SCcyber E-Learning Institute provides a complete high school diploma online for all Alberta students grades 10 – 12 for ages 15 and less than 20 years old with no tuition costs if registered by the yearly Alberta Education funding deadline.  Our Elearning system is designed to be sensitive to the needs of Indigenous learners. 
  • We offer grades 10 – 12 courses with multiple modes of online learning built in, including reading, videos, interactive content, and regularly scheduled synchronous opportunities to meet your teachers online live for help and support.
  • SCcyber follows a semester system but does allow for continuous intake on a case-by-case basis.  We do not offer summer school.  However, we do offer Work Experience.
  • Our online learning program offers:
    • interactive content in all courses
    • lesson materials can be read by you on your own or your computer can read to you through readspeaker embedded in all courses.
    •  teaching video lessons from certified teachers that you can access anytime.
    • Our teachers teach and mark your work, so there is a direct connection and relationship between the teacher and you as our student
    • All assignments handed in before Thursday 5 pm are marked and posted online every Tuesday at 9 am.
  • Synchronous online instruction: 
    • We offer frequently scheduled homework help with your live teacher via Zoom.
  • Grades: 10 to 12
    • You are free to take one course with us or ALL your high school programming
  • Register anytime during the year: 
    • We are a semestered school but allow for continuous registration on a case-by-case basis.
  • Summer school
    • We don’t offer summer school, but students have access to all course content over summer if previously registered and can hand in work in September.
  • Adult programming: Not with SCcyber Institute, however, inquire with SCcyber E-learning Community as Adults can take high school courses with that school.
  • Highlights of SCcyber Institute:
    • No tuition costs for students ages 15 and less than 20 years old when registered by Alberta Education’s yearly funding deadline.

Elearning system designed to be sensitive to the needs of Indigenous learners