Registration Frequently Asked Questions

SCcyber E-Learning Community

Am I able to get my high school diploma all online?

We are an Alberta Education accredited private high school and offer the full Alberta High School Program from a First Nations perspective. Our courses are Alberta High School courses that will be applied to the Alberta transcript.  We also offer grades 7 to 9 core courses as well.

Are Adults accepted at SCcyber?

Yes – we fully welcome adults of any age under the arm of our SCcyber Elearning Community school.  Depending on your income last year, you may qualify under Alberta Works funding program that covers your tuition and books.

Do you offer GED?

We do not offer the GED, but the regular Alberta high school diploma.  

How much does it cost to take schooling with us?

We are a private school, so the cost per 5 credit course, per semester, is $700 (or $140 per credit).  There is also a nonrefundable registration fee of $100. SCcyber Elearning Community receive no funding from the province.  However, our sister school, SCcyber Elearning Institute can now provide FREE tuition for students 15 years old to less than 20 years old as of September 1st.

Some students are funded through their First Nation bands while others pay their tuition personally.

Some adult Alberta resident students that make less than $35000 per year for their household can apply Foundational Learning to cover their tuition for part-time studies. For fulltime studies, adult students may even receive a living allowance depending on their circumstances. Please contact Mrs Kam at for more information regarding this funding program.

Can I register by myself or do I have to attend an Elearning site location?

Our students generally register under one of our learning sites or partner schools so please contact that Elearning site Mentor for registration info.  Please email if you need to contact the Mentor at an Elearning site near you.

We also do have a few independent adult students that work on their own from home because they are unable to register at one of our learning centres.

When can I register?

Usually the bulk of our students register August/September and Jan/Feb for our semester start times.  However, we do accept continuous intake throughout the academic school year as some students may need just one or two courses.

We follow a traditional school year calendar with semester end dates in January and June, but students can pay tuition again to continue into additional semesters if necessary to finish their course.  

If you are interested in registering, please contact our Principal at

What if I don’t finish my course during the allotted 5 month period?

After each semester, we allow for 3 week extensions to complete your course work.  Fall semester courses have a extension deadline 3 weeks into February.  Winter semester courses have an extension deadline 3 weeks into September.  Please consult the SCcyber Academic calendar for exact dates.  If you still are not able to complete your course by the extension deadline, you may continue into the next semester once you pay tuition for continuing into the next semester.

Are you fully online?

The course lessons are always fully online (not just during COVID-19), with 6-9 hours of online sessions of live help available with the course teacher per week using Zoom video conferencing. Assignments are submitted via email and students do their exams at the learning centre or with an approved proctor.  Diploma exams are done at the closest designated writing centre (usually a local high school or college).

We have a short mandatory orientation course for all new students (free of charge) that is awarded one high school credit in CTS. This must be completed before the student begins other courses. 

How long have you existed as a school?

SCcyber Elearning started their online school since 2000.  Hence, we have had over 20+ years of experience providing pedagogically sound online education by our certified teachers.

How are report cards sent out?

We have “report cards” weekly updated and posted online Tuesday at 9am.  Anything handed in before Thursday 5pm will be marked by your teacher with comments and marks posted online by Tuesday 9am.  You simply click on the Grades icon under your course login.

Do you offer summer school?

No, we do not offer summer school.  However, if you are registered during the winter semester, we do allow students to have summer access to their course material.  Students can complete work over the summer and hand in their completed assignments in September for marking. 

Are you able to accept out of province students?

We are able to accept out of province students outside of Alberta.  Out of province students will be required to travel to Alberta to write their diploma exams.  Tuition may need to be charged on a case by case basis.

If you are interested in registering, please contact our Principal at