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History - A New Look at Education

In Canada, Aboriginal people have a lower high school completion rate than the completion rate for non-aboriginals. This leads to unemployment, poverty and unrealized potential in Canada's fastest-growing demographic.

In 2000, members of the Sunchild First Nation considered the lack of education in their community and decided alternative methods were needed to reach Aboriginal students. They discovered that:

  • Aboriginal students faced unique challenges including family and legal situations, time away from class and relocating to new homes.

  • Many Aboriginal students were adults. These students wanted to upgrade and build a better future while meeting their current schedules and responsibilities.

Any successful education program would have to overcome these challenges with a new way of teaching. In addition, high quality education and experienced teachers would have to be brought to small numbers of students in remote locations -- without exceeding limited education budgets.

The SCcyber E-Learning model was adopted as a solution.

A Model of Success


SCcyber E-Learning is different from conventional distance learning programs in that it creates accountability and interaction between student and teacher. Students are expected to be logged into the computer during class times and can speak with the teacher at any time through text messaging or a microphone. In most cases, students work from a classroom environment where a Mentor addresses technical concerns and ensures student participation.

Experienced teachers with a passion for teaching First Nations students head the online classes, providing a level of education that is the same as or better than that found in urban schools. Students who miss class time or change residences can easily catch up by reviewing archived classes. This system also allows students to work at a comfortable pace. Achievement is tracked on a weekly basis so that intervention and support can be provided as soon as it becomes necessary.

The SCcyber E-Learning Community has met with remarkable success. In record numbers, students are re-entering the school system and staying in school. They're gaining valuable experience with computers, graduating and moving on to rewarding jobs or post-secondary education.

An Investment in the Future

Graduates of the SCcyber E-Learning Community are educated and competent -- the kind of employees who make corporations successful. When companies contribute to the SCcyber program, they help to create skilled candidates for scholarships, advanced training and employment. In this way, they are investing in their own future.

Because SCcyber E-Learning creates such positive results, corporate sponsors are excited about being part of the program. More and more corporations are signing on to support First Nation schools.

Find Out More

For more information about the SCcyber E-Learning community, call Martin Sacher at (403) 872-0587.

A complete list of available courses can be found on this web site.

Courses follow and are accredited and approved by Alberta Education.

Our Staff - Administration

Martin Sacher - CEO

Mavis Sacher - Principal of SCcyber E-learning Community

Karol Kameniecki 
- Registrar



Our Staff - Teachers

Lianne Kanters - Instructor for Science 10/20/30,  Biology 20/30, Science 14/24, Science 10-4/20-4, Physics 20/30,  Chemistry 20/30, Science/ Math 7,8,9

Burl Horniachek - Instructor for ELA 10.1, ELA 20.1 & 20.2

Karol Kameniecki - Instructor for Online Learning (INF1030), Calm 20, Adult Numeracy 1,2,3, Math 10-4 & 20-4, ELA 10.2, Social 10.1 & 20.1, Social 10.2

Shawn Lawrence - Instructor for Math 10.3, 20.3, 30.3, Math 10C, 20.1, 20.2, 30.1, 30.2, Math31

Linda Robinson - Instructor for ELA 30.1, ELA 30.2 and Social Studies 20.1, Social Studies 30.1 & 30.2, Aboriginal Studies 10/20/30, CTS, Psychology 20 and World Religions 30, ELA 20-4/30-4, Soc 10-4, The Sustainability Project

Katie Stevenson - Instructor for Adult Literacy 1,2,3, ELA 10-4, ELA & Social 7/8/9

Dorothy Thunder - Instructor for Cree 10/20/30


Our Mentors

Megan Jerry - Mentor in Calgary Urban Campus 


Courses Offered

Below please find a course listing of the high school courses available through SCcyber E-learning Community.

You can complete and fulfill all the requirements of the Alberta High School Diploma Requirements online with us!

We are offering of Oil & Gas Production Operator Level I & II course with Nait certification !! Click here for more information on the Course

Should you be interested in registering for courses please contact us. 





Additional Courses

Social 7/8/9

ELA 7/8/9

Math 7/8/9 Science 7/8/9

Aboriginal Studies 10/20/30

Social 10-4 ELA 10-4 Math 10-4 Science 10-4

Adult Literacy Level 1,2,3

Social 20-4 ELA 20-4/30-4 Math 20-4 Science 20-4

Adult Numeracy 1,2,3

Social 10.1

ELA 10.1

Math 10.3

Science 14

Calm 20

Social 10.2

ELA 10.2

Math 20.3

Science 24

Cree 10, 20, 30

Social 20.1

ELA 20.1

Math 30.3

Science 10/20/30

Child Care CCS3110-3150

Social 20.2

ELA 20.2

Math 10C

Biology 20/30

Photography, Info Pro, Animation

Social 30.1

ELA 30.1

Math 20.1

 Chemistry 20/30

CTS: Mechanics Modules
Social 30.2 ELA 30.2 Math 20.2

Physics 20 /30

Financial Literacy
Math 30.1 Personal /General Psychology 20
HCS3000   Math 30.2 CTS: Sustainability Project (10 credits) Physical Ed. 10,20,30
Work Exp 15/25/35 Special Projects 10/20/30 Math 31 CTS: Foods World Religions 30

Contact Us

SCcyber E-learning Community
PO Box 91099
Calgary, AB
T3G 5W6

Mr. Martin Sacher

email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
phone: 403.872.0587
fax: 1.888.501.7634

Mrs. Mavis Sacher

email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
phone: 403.872.0487
fax: 1.888.501.7634

Calgary Campus
If you live in the Calgary area, please phone 403.253.5311 and ask for Trevor for more registration information.